bulk mulch vs bagged

Bagged Mulch vs Bulk – How Much Will You Save?

Bagged Mulch vs Bulk

Bagged mulch vs bulk mulch, buying the wrong mulch for your landscaping project could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. There’s not much difference between either besides price, if it’s dyed or not to provide color, or if it is organic or not. This guide will help you save money on your landscaping project.

You may be trying to get the best deal or maybe you don’t have a way to haul bulk mulch. Whatever the choice may be, this post is here to guide you on your landscape journey and provide helpful tips.

Bulk Mulch

When choosing bagged mulch vs bulk mulch, you should know that bulk mulch is a more affordable approach. It can be found at different landscape material providers in your area. Some providers only deliver a minimum of 3-4 yards worth of mulch normally. The disadvantage when you have it delivered is most of the time you have a big pile around because they gave you too much mulch. 

bagged mulch vs bulk

Bulk mulch is more affordable when it comes to any bigger mulching landscape project for your home, whether your front and/or back yard need a landscape makeover. Bulk mulches come by yards and can be found at local farms, or landscape material providers.

Most bulk mulches are natural hardwood that is double or triple shredded and in three colors of brown, black, or red. Brown is the original and natural color, red and black mulches are dyed with minerals and soil or clay for their dying process. 

Bagged Mulch

Bagged mulch comes in handy for the smaller garden beds, or for a quick refresh. If you just need a scoop of mulch, for example, the family pet comes along and gets a nag to dig. Nowadays, mulch is now becoming infused with weed repellent and other infusers. Bagged mulch also comes in three different colors and in two different types of shreds.

bagged mulch vs bulk

When performing much larger landscape projects, prices tend to reach much higher, not to mention the unloading and breaking and clean-up of plastic bags. With hauling, renting a truck can be a hassle if you don’t want to use a car and have a big project.

Buying Bulk Mulch Vs Bag

Bagged mulch has a costly price tag even when it is on sale. Yes, even if the cheapest ones are $3-4 per bag when it comes to the amount the one bag covers, prices start to creep higher and higher. It takes about 14 bags to cover 100 sqft (1 yard) of an area at 3 inches depth. Be prepared to unload 13-14+ bags at 40-60$ per yard (100 sqft) at a 3-inch depth.

Bulk Mulch on the other hand you will have to buy 3-4 yards minimum for them to deliver it and the delivery fee is anywhere from $35-50, the average yard is 25-30$ from a bulk mulch supplier. Prices increase with color and how many times it’s been shredded. The low end for bulk mulch delivered is 110$ and the higher end is 170$ at the minimum 3-4 yards specification. 

If you have access to a pickup truck or a heavy-duty trailer knock off 35-50$ to this bulk price, just make sure that you don’t haul over your vehicle’s towing capabilities. Bagged mulch vs bulk, you save 15-25$ per yard if you an pick it up yourself bulk. 

Is Bagged Mulch Better Than Bulk

Depending on the amount, what you are using it for, and many other factors that you may be considering. Bulk mulch is a better choice due to its affordability and where it comes from, it can be locally purchased and support our local nurseries or farms. 

Is Bagged Mulch Better Than Bulk

Bagged mulch comes in handy for smaller-scale projects, if you have the hauling capability. Whichever type of mulch you use, be sure to inquire about the details of the dye, or any additives that may be in the mulch. Keep your family and pets safe!

Where to get bagged mulch?

Bagged mulch can be found at most major hardware stores (Lowe’s or Home Depot). Local Nurseries may also have mulch choices for all of your landscape and garden needs. Depending on the time of year, Walmart will have mulch laying around in the parking lot in many choices as well. Take into consideration where you purchase your mulch at these locations, some offers may be inexpensive, but there are different choices with better quality at these locations. 

Lowes or Home Depot

The two of the main hardware stores that we all know Lowes and Home Depot. These guys have mulch typically year-round and supply many different types of bagged mulch products as well as mulch bed weed stopping fabric that you can buy in your new mulch med to prevent weeds. While you are here pick up a good pitchfork for $15-25 for the landscaping job.


Walmart tends to have seasonal sales on bagged mulch where it lays on pallets in the parking lot, they too provide different types of bagged mulch as well as weed-stopping fabric. Walmart has deals from time to time so stock up during holiday sales.

Local Nurseries

Our favorite place, the local nursery. These fantastic places not only provide bagged mulch but also offer much more environmentally-friendly options. The knowledgeable staff can aid you in your bagged mulch choice when it comes to surrounding plant life in your landscape garden beds.

Places to get bulk mulch?

There are two types of places to purchase bulk mulch, and even much more. If you decide to mix up your new and fresh mulch design, most providers also sell rock, sod, and plants.

Landscape Supply Houses

There are several different locations to be to acquire your bulk mulch, and those places include either Landscape Supply houses. These places offer sod and soil and larger trees, and more than likely will provide delivery for a minimum purchase of 4 yards or more, depending on the location’s policies.

At your local farm

Local Farms are a great way to keep money circling for your local economy and you support local farming and business! Farms also provide goods and more than hardwood garden bed coverages. Support local and keep your community thriving.

Choosing the right mulch for your mulch bed project

Choosing bagged mulch vs bulk mulch for your mulch beds is a task in itself, math mathematically. Soil levels must be just right to keep plant life thriving and if your mulch choice has certain additives that can harm the plants surrounded by your mulch. Consult with a professional whenever you have questions in regards to certain plants in your mulch beds.

Overall, however big or small, choosing the right mulch is key to keeping costs and time under control. Whether you chose a black mulch to complement greenery or looking to fill in the color with fresh mulch and start a big landscaping project to boost up the curb appeal of your property. Always measure, pick your color, choose your type, and mulch!

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FAQ - bulk mulch vs bagged?

Question – Bagged mulch vs bulk quality?

Answer – Bulk quality mulch is better. It’s cheaper overall. Here’s why.

Question – Bulk mulch vs bag?

Answer – Bulk mulch for projects over 1 yard (100sqft) is cheaper than bagged if you can pick it up yourself. Here’s why.

Question – Bagged vs bulk mulch cost?

Answer – Bagged mulch tends to cost a lot more. Here’s the breakdown.

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