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Garden and Flower Bed Mulching offers many benefits to your landscape and even provides nutritional benefits to your plants. Mulching your garden beds also gives your landscape a fresh, clean look, and will enhance your curb appeal. Make your shrubs, plants, and small trees stand out and accent the look of your natural space with our mulching services.

We offer mulching services in glen allen anytime throughout the year. The majority of clients request mulching in the early Fall months to retain soil moisture, suppress weed growth, and protect bare soil from erosion. Our clients also mulch in the early spring months for the same reason. Get your upgraded landscape with our mulching service before the holidays. Request a quote or contact us today at 804-489-2836.

Why Mulching Your Landscape Matters?



Professional Mulching Service in Glen Allen

The mulch that we use for our flower bed mulching service, is shredded hardwood bark from our local glen allen farms or other local premium mulch suppliers. The premium mulch comes in three brilliant colors which are: black, red, and traditional brown. Depending on the thickness of the layers of mulch that you want we can get the mulch triple or double shredded.

If you have pine needles lying around in your yard and your plants, shrubs, or trees are acidic loving we are able to leaf blow, or rake, and spread the pine needles for you. This is one of the most organic ways to mulch your landscape. Pine needles are recommended for acidic-tolerant plant life (examples: Pine Trees, azaleas, mountain heather, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, and much more!). Request a quote or contact us today at 804-489-2836.

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Local Mulching Service in Glen Allen VA

Mulching is like laying down new carpet or new flooring in your home. Colors of plants seem to come alive, the shrubs receive an accent from the mulch color, even your home looks more vibrant from a distance. Maintaining your garden/flower beds when the color begins to fade, makes a big difference in appearance. Mulch Maintenance will not only benefit your home’s curb appeal, but your plant life will thank you later. Our mulching service gives a sort of outline that just makes the “wow factor” come alive. Contact us today at 804-489-2836.

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