Are Crepe Myrtles Poisonous To Dogs? – Find Out Here…

are crepe myrtles poisonous to dogs

Are crepe myrtles poisonous to dogs

Are Crepe Myrtles poisonous to dogs? Crepe Myrtles (scientific name “Lagerstroemia indica”) are not poisonous to dogs at all, according to the ASPCA. From the top of the tree’s canopy to the very roots that are underground, this tree will not harm your sniffing pups.

are crepe myrtles poisonous to dogs

What if your dog manages to find a stick on the ground from either clippings or trimmings? Do not worry Crepe myrtle bark is not poisonous either. Your dog will be joyful while being your fun and friendly pal as they enjoy their new Crepe Myrtle stick. Depending on the Crepe Myrtle, its stems provide several inches of thickness from mere centimeters to 2-3 inches thick.

We recommend that no matter where your dog goes, monitor them because sticks of any kind may cause medical troubles! Crepe Myrtles are not only safe to be around your family and pets or dogs, but their tree family also complements any landscape. There are all sorts of varieties to choose from.

Are crepe myrtle berries poisonous to dogs?

Are Crepe Myrtle berries poisonous to dogs? Crepe Myrtle berries are not poisonous to dogs, not even humans. Berries had culinary uses during ancient times.

Are crepe myrtle berries poisonous to dogs

The berries and seed pods appear during the winter before they begin to bloom in the Spring. Berries don’t tend to drop off of this tree because they bloom in the Spring and produce flowers in vibrant color. You may see berries or seed pod droppings. Seed pods drop due to the mother Crepe Myrtle dropping it on its own.

lagerstroemia indica

You will see the berries on the ground if the tree limbs have been damaged or even during routine pruning maintenance. Regardless, your dog or furry friends will be just fine but remember to monitor your pets while they are on the go. Small pieces may harm them if they try to eat or chew.

Are crepe myrtles poisonous to cats?

Are Crepe Myrtles poisonous to cats? Crepe Myrtles are not poisonous to cats either. They are safe to be curious kitties about crepe myrtles. If cats decide to climb your Crepe Myrtle trees, nothing to fear the bark will not harm them, neither will the leaves. We always recommend you to keep a safe eye on all of your family and pets!

Are crepe myrtles poisonous to cats

Crepe Myrtles can grow very tall, up to 3-4 stories worth, and no kitty should be climbing that high. Only certain breeds of Crepe Myrtles have thick-stemmed branches. Please be cautious with your climbing kitties. To learn more about which plants may be harmful to your pets here is a resource.

Is crepe myrtle poisonous?

Is Crepe Myrtle poisonous? Crepe Myrtles are not poisonous to anyone, not to any human, dog, or cat. Humans have used the berries since ancient times for medicinal purposes and even added them to recipes.

You can also safely handle the tree worry-free due to no present thorns or spiky leaves. Crepe Myrtles are not only beautiful, but the true beauty of them is that they are a family-friendly tree that won’t cause harm (unless unsafely handled when pruning and removing limbs). Talk to medical professionals, licensed Horticulturists, or a culinary expert that knows how to use Crepe Myrtles in cooking recipes.

Conclusion - Are crape myrtles poisonous?

Wherever you may live, many states across the country have planted, grown, and appreciated Crepe Myrtles. This beautiful, blooming tree provides vibrancy and extravagance to any landscape.

Crepe Myrtle

Many different varieties of the Crepe Myrtle provide many options to choose from in color and size. Not only will you appreciate the Crepe Myrtles appearance, but it will not harm any of your family, cats, or dogs, even wildlife who love this tree. With proper placement and routine care, your Crepe Myrtle will bring joy to you and your home’s landscape.

Are crape myrtle berries poisonous?

This source provides gardening tips for your crepe myrtle in regards to harvesting and saving seeds. Crepe myrtles are the perfect ornamental trees for your landscape.

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Faq - Crepe Myrtles poisonous to dogs?

Question – Are crepe myrtle trees poisonous to dogs?

Answer – Crepe Myrtles Trees ARE NOT poisonous to dogs. Not the bark, berries, or roots. Find out more here…

Question – Are crepe myrtle leaves poisonous to dogs?

Answer – Crepe Myrtle Leaves ARE NOT poisonous to dogs. Neither are the bark, berries, or roots. Find out why here…

Question – Are crepe myrtle seed berries poisonous to dogs?

Answer – Crepe Myrtle Seed Berries ARE NOT poisonous to dogs. Neither are the bark, leaves, or roots. Find out why…

Question – Is crepe myrtle poisonous to humans?

Answer – Crepe Myrtles ARE NOT poisonous to humans. Some people use Crepe Myrtles for culinary purposes. Find out more…

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